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One World Recycling is a globally responsible electronics recycling company that was established in 2009 and has been committed ever since to providing individuals, businesses, and government organizations with a safe, convenient, and cost effective service for the proper disposal of electronic waste.

We only work with partners who, like us are committed to following the highest standards of globally responsible recycling and are dedicated to finding solutions on how to resolve the problems we are being faced with due to the improper disposal of electronics. Together we have been striving to make a difference and are working hard towards the goal of tackling the growing health and environmental hazards that have been caused by the fastest growing waste stream on the planet.

When recycling with us, you can be confident that any electronics we receive will be disposed of safely and in accordance with all state and federal laws.

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1800 Diesel Dr. Suite 30
Sacramento, CA 95838
(Entrance is on Beloit Dr.)


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Monday:             10am – 4pm
Tuesday:             10am – 4pm
Wednesday:      10am – 4pm
Thursday:           10am – 4pm
Friday:                 10am – 4pm
Saturday:               Closed
Sunday:                  Closed


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